Wednesday, November 4, 2009

T-38 and Sea Fury

I worked on some old models today. These are two of the older one's I have. The T-38 is very low-poly, and I wouldn't bother doing a conversion on it today, but it filled a niche when I first built it, and it looks good enough to keep around. Note: this is the only model in my hangar that uses the JSBSim capability to model a modulating afterburner. The first half of the throttle range maps "mil power" from idle to 100%, and the second half of the range maps the afterburning range. This might be the preferred method for you depending on your throttle hardware.

The Sea Fury is one of the first Alpha Simulations conversions I did. I put it aside a couple years ago, and it hasn't been kept up, until now. It's posted at the hangar as a project, and I'll be bringing it up to par with the other airplanes.

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