Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New drag 'chute testing

User "someguy" discovered a bug in the new drag 'chute system, so I've put in a fix (I hope) to the F-4E model, which is now posted at the hangar as version 2.6. If all tests properly the new system will:

1) make chute animation visible over multiplayer
2) cause the 'chute to rip off if deployed above 200 kts.


  1. Dave, I forgot to mention another bug in the T-bird: it allows pulling >9 G positive at high speed. It was amusing to see the G-meter needle start another trip around the dial.

    Dunno if this is intended, but at 40k feet I topped out at Mach 2.65. At 500 feet I passed an indicated 965 kt, still accelerating.

    All of this was observed in 1.9.1.

  2. Thanks. The crash_detect system should have caught the >9g condition. I'll look into it.

    There is no speed limit protection, so the airplane can be overspeeded. I'll see if I can tweak the engine thrust tables a bit to help keep the speeds down.

  3. OK, "someguy" and I tested the bug-fix, and it looks good now. One limitation though. The jettison of the drag 'chute is a submodel effect, which means it won't go over multiplayer. So, you can see other player's drag 'chutes deploy, but upon jettison they just disappear. Your own 'chute will jettison properly.

    Also, if you deploy your 'chute above 200 kts it will rip away from the airplane. This is a submodel effect (the same effect as jettison) so it won't be seen over multiplayer, although you will see your own 'chute rip away.