Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Here's the latest version of Precious Metal's paint job, courtesy of Gary Brown.

Also, I just added some propeller inflow code to JSBSim.  This should tone down the thrust a bit at low speeds, and should result in more realistic behavior.

New Precious Metal liveries

Gary Brown has made four liveries for the Precious Metal racer, covering many years of the airplane's ownership history.  These are true works of art, so check it out.  Note that there is no livery switching here - each livery is a different model name.

The airplane puts out a lot of thrust at low speed, and this is probably due to a lack of propeller inflow modeling.  I'll take a look at inflow, and maybe the JSBSim propeller code can be updated.

Monday, August 24, 2015

F-106, video of falcon launch

Here's a video of a launch of an AIM-4 Falcon from the F-106.  Captured using ffmpeg.

In case it doesn't show up, here's a link to the video file:

Thursday, August 20, 2015

F-106 Update

The new F-106 version has a lot of animation for the missle firing sequence - doors open, missles descend, missle fires, missle carrier retracts, doors close.  So far only the forward-left missle fires.  Research was tough on this mod, since the door arrangement was changed when the gun was installed.

Also new are some tailhook fairings, data link antennas, windscreen supports,  semi-transparent windscreen structure, gun gas purge inlet, fuel gauge with refueling light, fixes to position lights, fixed elevon mixer, and lots of work on the missle bay.