Monday, November 23, 2009

A-1H ordnance load

Trying to decide on an ordnance load for the A-1H Skyraider, USAF version. Here is an interesting website on typical loads for an A-1. The CBU-25 looked interesting, so I made some of these bomblet dispensers from circa 1970. We don't have CBU yet in FlightGear, AFAIK, so the submodels for it should be interesting. And we don't have troops as targets yet, so the CBU may not be very useful.


  1. Pretty cool Dave. Good info on that site too. I like the Madden kit for downed aviators. Peter

  2. Well, it's up at the hangar now. Version 1.0. The CBU is pretty cool, but will it cause any damage to the tanks in NicQ's tank scenario? The bomblets weigh 2 pounds each. Each dispenser releases 10 bomblets, and they work symmetrically, so that's 20 bomblets total per pass.