Monday, November 2, 2009

New DavePack

User "jano" found a bug in DavePack, another leading slash bug, so I've fixed that. I also fixed the wingtip vortices so they stop emitting when the airplane is crashed. In this case "crashed" means the JSBSim system called crash-detect has detected a crash.

I've also tried to standardize the usage of generic multiplayer properties in my models. Here's what I have so far:

float[0] - rotating beacon 1
float[1] - rotating beacon 2
float[2] - nose (tail) wheel steering angle
float[6] - drag 'chute unfurl

int[0] - tail numbers
int[3] - gun smoke
int[4] - wingtip vortices
int[5] - contrails
int[6] - drag 'chute deploy
int[7] - smoke
int[10] - afterburner plume, engine[0]
int[11] - afterburner plume, engine[1]

Soon I hope to have all the models meet this standard.

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