Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Piston airplane progress

Well, I'm learning how to make piston powered airplanes as I go along. The Skyraiders and the TigerCat are my experiments. The engines appear to do what they ought to now, and I've added instruments for rpm, manifold pressure and fuel flow, that I'll put in all the piston airplanes. Engine sounds are still a work in progress.

The propeller needs some higher pitch settings. A couple years ago I made an improved propeller builder for AeroMatic, but it's still under a pile of papers around here somewhere. It has the data to extend the propeller table to 55 degrees of pitch, which is what the warbirds need.

A new AD-4 is posted now, and F7F version 1.3 (I skipped 1.2) is posted. Let me know about bugs and any suggestions! BTW, both these airplanes now use the 'e' key to fire weapons.