Wednesday, October 7, 2009

AD-4 / DavePack updates

New DavePack is available with 2 new types of bombs, the M57 and M64 GP bombs of 1940's-1960's vintage. These were later replaced by the Mk-80 series of bombs in the 1960's. I added these for the AD-4, which now has a centerline fuel tank, two M64's, four M57's, and eight rockets. The rockets fire now.

The hold back on getting those to fire is the problem of how to make them work with the wing folding. In order for any wing ordnance to fold along with the wings the ordnance must be part of the airplane model, rather than being imported from DavePack. The stores on the non-folding parts of the airplane can be imported from DavePack.

My plan for the AD-6 is to arm it with eight rockets, two rocket pods, two Mk-82 on the wings, two wing fuel tanks, and a Mk-82 on the centerline.


  1. Just noticed something : you took out the weight tag in most of the ordnance submodels, thus why the rockets don't get "kills".
    The damage code in the Abrams uses the ballistic weight to decide on how much damage is dealt.
    Cheers !

  2. where can i dl it ?

  3. "It" being the La Honda tank convoy scenario? Just follow Nic's link in comment #1 above, or email me and I'll send it to you.

  4. Isn't a Pack with all planes includes ? Or the packs we're talking about here would juste be scenarios ? I'm looking for thoses downloads actually :

    Latest Hangar Updates
    07 Oct 09, DavePack v3.3
    06 Oct 09, most aircraft!
    06 Oct 09, DavePack v3.2
    15 Sep 09, F-4N v3.1
    20 Aug 09, DavePack v3.1
    20 Aug 09, F-4J v1.1
    20 Aug 09, F-4N v3.0
    19 Aug 09, DavePack v3.0
    19 Aug 09, RA-5 v1.6

  5. Look to the right, link called Dave's Hangar

  6. Dave, I think the A-29 would also be fun with droppable bombs. Pretty please?

  7. Sorry, I meant MORE droppable bombs.

  8. Sure, but I'd like to restrict it to loads that make sense. Can you find me a picture of a load-out that you'd like?