Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hangar Overhaul

Just updated DavePack and most of the airplanes in the hangar to include: "pick" animations, prioritized fuel burn, and new fuel gauges. Most of the new gauges will read zero if you're using FlightGear 1.9. As soon as the next release comes out the gauges will read properly again.


  1. Wow !! Only release ones, or did you go through the betas also ?
    I see a fair amount of merging in my immediate future :)
    Cheers !

  2. Many of the project airplanes were updated too, but the versions you have should run fine. The changes I made should be transparent and backwards compatible. Let me know if you find one that doesn't work.

  3. Just asking, how do I add the BAK 12 arresting gear to the various airports? Say, for instance, I want to add it to Paya Lebar Airbase (WSAP), runway 20?.. Which files do I edit, and what code do I add? Please help, thanks :)

  4. The arresting gear is an AIStatic object, and it goes in your AI scenario file. The readme included in the BAK-12 package has details on how to add an entry into the AI scenario file. You will need latitude, longitude, altitude and runway heading for the point where you want to place the arresting gear. You'll probably have to use trail and error to get it to sit at exactly the right height and location.

  5. Hmm, but, let's say, for instnace, I want to add a set of BAK-12 Arresting gear at runway 20 of WSAP, which files do I edit? as in, where do I add the BAK-12 placement code to? :)
    And thanks for your help :)