Wednesday, October 14, 2009

F-7F Tigercat

Just started this one. It should make a nice carrier airplane. Looks like it only came in dark blue :)


  1. Are there any plans to make the F-11 Tiger? I like that plane.

  2. Looks like only 12 (the 4th "block") made carrier qualifications, as the trial ones would break on trap, or fail to pass somehow.
    Maybe we can have all 12 with different numbers (variant of the T-Birds tail number system ?) operating from Nimitz at the same time one of these days :)
    Looking forward to this one, looks nimble and overpowered.

  3. OK, first cut of the Tigercat is posted as a project. Pretty raw still, but flyable.

  4. I found an F-11 Tiger project to work on (I prefer to see if any older MSFS models are available before starting my own. There almost always are some), but it was a bit too rough. I'll look around some more.