Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Road block

I'm slowed down a bit, partly due to heavy workload, and partly because I just did an OS upgrade. Spent all day getting Slackware 13 installed and set up the way I like it. Of course my email address book won't import properly, so I have to recreate some of it. Prestes, could you send me an email please so I can add you to my contacts again?


  1. Hohow are you a Slackware user? I´m a Slackware fan... until version 3.5 (1998) :). Email gone ;)

  2. I switched to Slackware because I wanted my configuration files to be in a "traditional" arrangement so I can understand them. My former favorite, Mandriva, started making to many "improvements" to the configuration files, so I couldn't edit my configuration any more.