Friday, December 11, 2009

iS4g Group

The iS4g Group is a group of aircraft modelers in Italy who have been making models for CFS2 and later versions of MSFS. They have a lot of models available at Sim-Outhouse (see link in side bar). The CFS2 models are usually convertible for FlightGear using the "threedconvert" utility. Like any such conversion from MDL to AC format, the next steps are:

1) Combine all objects into one object (I call it "fuselage")
2) Optimize the vertices and surfaces (removes duplicates)
3) Cut away surfaces into new objects for later texturing and animation
4) Prepare 3D cockpit by making cockpit sides and other inner surfaces
5) I make all surfaces one-sided, except for propeller disk
6) Convert textures to SGI format, then apply textures
7) Make animations file, add DavePack parts

That's a basic outline. I often redo the tires completely, and the canopies usually need a lot of work.


  1. Hi David! Why you like SGI image format? I like PNG, works very fine in FG 1.9.1 and is more compact than .RGB images. Another advantage, is a very popular format... almost all image editors suport PNG files. It´s a tip :)

  2. My version of AC3D is pretty old, and it doesn't have a PNG loader. Some day I'll get a newer version of AC3D.