Sunday, August 23, 2009

Over G

Some of the Hangar models have an over-g handling system that will cause the model to freeze in position if the airplane is over-g'd. You can regain control by pushing the stick forward. I haven't added this system to all the models because I'm not sure if users will find it desirable, and I'd like feedback on this. Like all systems, you can turn it off by removing the line that activates it from the JSBSim configuration file.


  1. I'd put it everywhere, and even go one step further : have it crash, maybe using sub-models to simulate destruction of the airframe.
    Over-G would be standard, the crash part could be toggle on/off through a menu option.

  2. I'd love this over-G handling system to be implemented on more aircrafts.. It'll teach us to fly more realistically and not like in Star Wars xD

  3. Maybe it would bee cool if you automatically made smoke spurt from the plane, a wing and some other parts dented and/or gone, as if the g crushed the plane :D