Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Douglas A-4E Skyhawk

I just started a conversion of a Denis and Daniel da Silva model of the Douglas A-4E Skyhawk. It may be a long time before I can get to it. Is anyone looking for a project? A screenshot of the model as shown in AC3D is posted at the Hangar.


  1. Project as in work on the FDM ? There is an A-4 fdm in the jsbsim distro :)
    I don't do texturing 'though, but I've been known to place instruments in cockpits and tweak FDMs, hehe.
    Cheers, great idea on the blog !

  2. Project as in the whole thing :) I'm too busy these days to take on that project past the initial conversion. The next step would be to open the model up in AC3D and cut away and name all the constituent objects in preparation for texturing and animating.

    I'm also too busy to get to the F-5 project for a while, so that one is also up for grabs.

  3. Man...wish I could help. I'd *LoVe* to see the A-4 fully operational as it's one of my fav aircraft from this era. I have learned to paint a bit but taking this to where it should be would prolly kill me.

    Kudos Dave. Good idea on the Blog..git cher FGCOM rocking so we can yack.