Saturday, August 15, 2009

Chengdu F-7

I've posted the Chengdu F-7 as a new project. It's a Chinese derivation of the venerable MiG-21, with a Chinese built engine, a new double-delta wing, and upgraded avionics. The model represents the airplane used by the "August First" or "8.1" aerial demonstration team. As such there is a working smoke generator, activated by the "shift-S" key combination.

Remaining work to be done: wheel wells, canopy. I might add a centerline "travel pod", as I've seen these in many photos of the airplane, but I'm not sure if they carry these during the show or just when traveling between shows.

The texture is pretty, but could use some work as well. The fuselage is texture-mapped left/right, which makes it difficult to get a sharp edge where the blue areas angle together at the top and bottom of the fuselage. Mapping top/bottom would cause the same problem to appear at the left/right edges. I was able to solve this problem in the Thunderbirds F-4E model by exaggerating the angle of the paint edge as it approaches the texture's edge.

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