Monday, February 1, 2010

Kent's F-104C and F-86F

Kent Esbenshade's new F-104C and F-86F models are available at the hangar. You need to check these out!


  1. WOW!! They're REALLY NICE!! :D

  2. Dear Dave:

    They are both really good aircraft and I particularly like the F-86. However, although I have a good pc the framerate drops so much I cannot get the F-86 to take off. Also the sound goes at the same time. Maybe it is just me?

    Regards Upkeep

  3. I get 27 fps in cockpit view and 3 fps in chase view. I'm guessing it's the engine smoke that's causing the difference. Maybe you can try turning off the smoke.

  4. Dave's probably right. The 3D modeling and animation is more complex than usual--deliberately so--and your graphics card will be challenged. I noticed when I was test-flying the pre-release model that when both contrails and engine smoke were selected, my frame rate took a spanking as well. If you've got an XML editor (I use XML Marker, but there are other free ones out there), just go into the Models folder, open F-104C.xml, find the contrails and exhaust plume animations and either delete them or hide them with inclusions.

    Good luck and happy flying.

    Kent Esbenshade

  5. Dear Dave and Kent: Thanks very much for your advice re: contrails and engine smoke. And thank you for the very fast response. I will do what you suggest when I get home tonight and see if there is an improvement. I am VERY keen to try the aircraft and I'll let you know how I get on. Regards. Upkeep.

  6. Dear Dave and Kent: Did what you said and removed the contrails and engine smoke and all works very well. What an excellent aircraft!!!! Thanks a lot for your help with this. Regards. Upkeep.