Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Shutting down

I'm stopping my FG/JSBSim work for a while, maybe a long while.  I need a break and have lots of work coming up anyway, so I won't be posting anything here, and won't be updating models.  Grab them while you can because the hangar goes off the air in early December.


  1. All I can say is thank you so much for all your wonderful work. It will be sadly missed. Thank you. Regards. Upkeep.

  2. Hey Dave, Thanks for your great selection of aircraft.

    One thing I'd like to ask, in your instrument package, a lot of your aircraft do draw calls from, there is a Gear-Brake-Light that appears to be missing. Could you update this when you get time? I've tried to make my own but I'm not getting the .xml coding to make it work correctly.

    Cheers Lewis

  3. hi dave, hope to see you soon after your break :)

    be sure your aircrafts will be used, here's a proof:



  4. Thanks for all the fantastic work over the years, Dave! I've really enjoyed many of your aircraft, my current favourite being the Sea Fury.

  5. Thanks for all your efforts, Dave. Your work has been inspirational and great fun to fly. Hope you can come back to it some day. -Buck

  6. I just wanted to say how thrilled I have always been with your aircraft, Dave. Some of the very best if not *the* very best aircraft in FGFS.

    I have always been impressed that over the years you have never been anything other than wonderfully supportive of all FGFS aficionados and always a gentleman when helping via Email.

    Thank You, Dave. Please enjoy your hard earned rest/down time.

    Vodoun Da Vinci

  7. Thank you for all the kind words. In my new life I'm doing a lot of hiking, traveling and working out. Anything to stay away from the computer :)

  8. Thank you for all the planes that you have made for us Mr.David, I love your fighter jets, I am sorry for repeatedly asking you whether you would be willing to make a Saab Viggen and a Mirage-5 for us in the past, I can see that you never had any liking for those planes whatsoever and I should not have bothered you, although that was not my intention.
    I would like to thank you however for making your Mirage-5 and Saab Viggen model available to me so that I could download them and use them to begin my own fg projects. In any case, I have no idea about how to model planes in fg as it scares me since I am not very knowledgeable in programming and the other steps involved in making them, I wanted to leave it to the experts, that explains why I requested you to make the Viggen and the Mirage-5 airworthy in fg. Thank you once again and have a great life ahead! :)

  9. Dave, happy New Year!! Have a lucky and wonderful 2012, new challenges and successful! We are here waiting for you ;)

  10. Thanks for all the wonderful work, your aircrafts has always been among my top choices to fly around in FGFS world. Your absence will be greatly felt in this community.

    Wish you all the best for your new challenges, and hoping to do bombing runs again with you some day ;)