Saturday, June 25, 2011

B-17F v1.0

The B-17F, version 1.0 is posted. Bombardier view is view number 8 (it's easiest to get to it from cockpit view by using Shift-V). The "pipper" is set up for a release altitude of 30,000 ft, speed of 160 knots, and no wind. You'll have to increase your flight visibility in the environment settings in order to have adequate time to make course adjustments. The screenshot above shows the view of KSFO with default visibility.

In the future I'll add some wind, drift, altitude and speed adjustments, and some autopilot switches and release button to the bombardier's panel.

Of the eight bombs I dropped only two made it to the ground, but they scored well.


  1. I set the visibility in environment.xml to 30000m, which gives me enough to zero in on the target. I'm working on a roll compensator which should really help with the targeting while steering the airplane from the bombardier's station.

  2. Hey Dave,

    Was wondering if you gave my F-5E Tiger II a try yet. I'd appreciate it if you could host it on your hangar. Thanks,