Wednesday, November 10, 2010

AI KC-10

I've just converted a very old, and very low-poly, MSFS2K KC-10 for use as an AI tanker, and I'll be posting it to the hangar soon. While testing it I tried for the umpteenth time to get refueling to work with my airplane models, and failed again. Is there anyone handy with nasal here who would like to get that working?


  1. David, I have a DC-10-30 (PAX and Cargo). Little things are not done. There are a 3d cockpit too. If you´re interested, please tell me ;)
    Very nice to see the KC-10 flying!!

  2. hi dave, if you want the pieces of nasal code to make refuel working only if you are close enough from the tanker, i got this for a F4N , tell me if you're interested.