Monday, September 20, 2010

New email address

The good news is I have a new POP3 account at:
The bad news is Cox only gives me 20MB of web space. I can upload a partial hangar while I search for a solution.


  1. Sir,
    I am a flightgear fan,I was using Flightgear 2 on a 32-bit windows XP as my O.S.,as my system got infected with an unknown virus,I had to format it and now I have a 32-bit windows-7 as my O.S. but for some reason,when I tried to run flightgear on my system,I realised that the frame rate of flightgear has gone down significantly and the
    controls of the planes are not responding at all.I checked out the related discussion at the flightgear forum but I could not find any tangible steps to be taken to ensure that Flightgear 2 runs on 32- bit windows-7 systems with the same level of efficacy as on those that have 32-bit windows XP as O.S..I desperately need your advice on how to solve this problem.Thank you:).

  2. Why not setup an account with and post links onto this blog?