Saturday, September 5, 2009

Further Skyraider updates

Added wing fold animation, but not the aerodynamic effect yet. Added armament system as on the A-29B model. See aircraft help menu for details. You have bombs on stations 7, 8 and 9, and Zuni rocket pods on stations 5, 6, 10 and 11. Weapons are fired symmetrically, so firing stations 1-7 will also fire the symmetrical stations (9-15) on the right side.

Added flap animation, and further propeller animation. Also, "shift-Q" now toggles the mixture control. Mixture is already set to 1 (rich) at startup. Setting mixture to 0 will kill the engine.

Many thanks to Ron Jensen for making an R-3350 engine for me.


  1. As of 1450 hrs, Chicago time, new upload has engine start smoke and sound, rocket sound, speedbrakes on sides but not yet on the bottom (I need to figure out if this one was cut-out with the gear down, like the A-7 speedbrake), and rotating beacons.

  2. OK, this will be it for a couple days. Added gunsight, instruments except for engine. Now you can fly it without the HUD.

    Catapult tip: hold about half right aileron and about one third left rudder. Raise gear and flaps to half immediately after launch. Raise flaps to up at 120 knots.

  3. The rocket (and bomb) explosions are definitely "collidable" and result in crash status.

    They are animations, not particles btw.
    Anyhow, using the tag (using {} instead of the < and > symbols...) {enable-hot} type="boolean"false{/enable-hot}
    as part of a {select} anim should make the selected objects non collidable, as it makes them non solid for Height Over Terrain purposes.
    Although, it does have the interesting effect to push the vehicle targets around somehow, at least in CVS :)

    Cheers !

  4. using {} because otherwise it was flagging my post as invalid html :)

  5. so, you recommend that this be added to the explosion models? My FG build is at least a month old, so I can't test anything related to the collisions. I'll add it if you think it's needed.

  6. Not sure, still debating within whether to do it or not, as I really like seeing tanks and jeeps being pushed around by the bombs, something I'm not sure would still happen with the HOT flag to false, will have to do some testing. And well, there is something to be said for being too close to detonating ordance in a bird, isn't there ? :)
    Jeeps and tanks need the flag to false not to wander into the sky, using the new groundvehicle class. Makes for nice formations, doing nice turns et al.
    I'll upload the scenario later on, and we can fly CAS to protect the Stanford accelerator ;)