Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fuel system

Posted at the jsbsim-devel list is a message about proposed changes to the fuel feed system, allowing you to define the feed sequence at load-time, and to adjust it at run-time. I could use some more testing before I commit it, so if you need something to do you can grab the files here.

For example, with the F-4J you can give the internal fuel tank a priority number of 2, while the external tanks have a priority number of 1 (the default). This will cause the external fuel to be burned first, then internal fuel next.


  1. Elegant solution, will most likely give it a run today.

  2. Hmm, might want to look in at why it's needed to set a priority explicitly for aircraft not to freeze the sim : had to do it for the F-4E also, giving the internal a priority of 2.
    Might throw jsb in some kind of loops when they all have the same priority.
    As soon as I move the throttle, it goes into an "infinite" loop if I haven't modified the jsb config file with at least a different priority for the internal tank.
    Hope that's clear enough, hehe
    Most important, are you seeing the same behaviour ?
    Cheers !

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