Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Weapons fixes

NicQ has added some fixes to the DavePack bombs and rockets. This should make them behave better. New version is 3.9.


  1. Basically, accidental ordnance detonation from collision with the aircraft during a dive bombing run should be alleviated.
    I'm curious to hear how it goes for everyone.
    This was done by setting the HOT (Height Over Terrain, a flag that makes a 3d model part of the terrain) to false.
    Bombs and rockets still impact correctly.
    Same flag was also added to the fire-impact.xml of bombs and rockets so that AI ground vehicle would stop rolling over the explosion, which was sort of goofy :)
    Feedback welcome.

  2. Works well here. Thanks Nic. So I could have used this method with the tugs on the Nimitz deck, rather than just commenting them out.