Monday, November 2, 2009

New F-4E

The F-4E is now set up so that the drag 'chute should be visible over multiplayer. As soon as I get a chance to test this online with someone I'll add this to all the models with drag 'chutes.

I also switched the weapons release key from 'space' to 'e'. While testing this I saw that some of the bombs appeared to impact each other after being released. I'd rather not increase the bomb release interval in an attempt to fix this, so we may be stuck with this for a while.

I had previously used the 'e' key for 'eject' in the OV-10 model, so I'll now need to look for another 'eject' key. Maybe 'F1'?


  1. How about Ctrl + E ?

  2. That at least retains the 'e', which is nice. I wonder though if it should have an easier key binding to find when speed is of the essence. The 'esc' key would be the best, but that's presently used to exit the sim. People might not appreciate me redefining that one :)

  3. there is eject in fg?

  4. Well, the OV-10 can shoot the pilot's seat out of the airplane, and then have the pilot/chute float down. It was the best I could do given the AI capabilities at that time. The pilot eye point didn't change, so this was just an external visual effect.

    Maybe the "walk around" script can be used to fully implement ejection?