Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Vigilante at the Midway

The RA-5 is one of my favorites. I took a few photos hoping to find some areas where the model could be improved. The tail end is especially complicated. I STILL can't figure out where the speed brakes are. I guess some combination of wing spoilers was used for this. The current RA-5C model in the hangar has speed brakes aerodynamically but not visually. I may end up having to get the NATOPS flight manual to get the answer.


  1. Hey Dave. I've not seen them, but here's an excerpt :
    The Vigilante did not have ailerons, elevator or a rudder. Spoilers on the wing provided roll control and acted as speed brakes, The horizontal tail surfaces were solid slabs. Together, they controlled pitch and were adjusted separately for roll trim. The vertical tail was also one piece rather than a hinged 'rudder.' Each gave the RA5C some quirks.


  2. Hello. Do you know how I can contact Syd Adams? I've downloaded one of his models, which I must compliment, but a recent version no longer works when I load FlightGear. Do you know how I can contact Mr. Adams?

  3. I have one of his models too, the P-47, and I see he doesn't put his email address in the files anywhere. Hmmm. Have you tried the flightgear-devel email list?