Thursday, January 28, 2010

RA-5C Spoiler-Deflectors

The Vigilante had an unusual set of spoilers and deflectors on each wing which provided roll control and speed braking. Even after buying a nice book on the Viggie, loaded with information and photos, I still only have the spoilers and deflectors about 75% figured out. I believe that when operated as speed brakes these control surfaces worked as shown in the above screen shot. The upper, outermost surface was hinged at the rear and rotated upwards. The lower, outermost surface was hinged at the front and rotated downwards. North American used a similar system in their F-107 project.


  1. Trying to get someone with hands on experience with the RA-5C to get back to you on this.
    Cheers !

  2. Thanks Nic. Here are some links to images that show the surfaces. First, a blurry photo of a photo from the book I have on the RA-5C. It shows all six surfaces open.

    Here is an image composite of my model in AC3D showing the upper and lower surfaces.