Thursday, April 7, 2011

BAK-12 barrier

The BAK-12 model is now updated for FG2.2, although it might also work in FG2.0 or older. The package contains an example AI scenario file that you can use to add two barriers to runway 21R/03L at Nellis AFB. Just place the scenario file in your AI directory, and invoke the scenario file in your preferences.xml file. There is also a readme file included which explains all this.


  1. Dear Dave:

    Good evening to you. Just a small point, and not relating to this post (sorry), but I just wondered if it was possible to put a date on the files in your hangar. This way it is possible to check quickly whether I have the latest updates (you used to do it this way, so maybe there is a good reason for changing it). If this is a problem, don't worry. PS: Very pleased with the updates for 2.2 by the way! Thanks a lot. Regards. Upkeep.

  2. You're right. It's done. For now I've used the date on which the package was archived, which may not be the same as the date on which the archive was posted to the Hangar. In the future I'll use the date of posting.

    The "Updated" date will only apply to the latest update, which in most cases is a FG2.2 update only. FG2.0 models are no longer updated.

  3. Thanks very much Dave. Much appreciated. This will be a great help. Thanks again. Best wishes. Upkeep