Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Yet more DavePack and Skyraider updates

DavePack now has a slip indicator instrument, which the Skyraider really needs now that I've tweaked the P factor and spiral slipstream up a bit. I also changed the armament, adding SUU-11 minigun pods (4) in place of some CBU-25. I also removed the centerline Mk-82 bomb to save some weight.

For takeoff remember to release the parking brake. Advance power to full. The airplane will track straight until about 80 knots, at which time it will need some right rudder. At about 130 knots you'll break ground, at which time you'll need to add some right aileron as the left wing dips. Climb at 160 knots.

For landing, lower wheels when below 200 knots, and lower flaps when below 130. Fly final at at least 110 knots. Cut power over the threshold to land at about 90 knots. Don't stand on the brakes, or you'll end up in the position depicted above.

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  1. This is a glorious plane! Ever since reading the book "Flight of the Intruder" I have had much respect for Skyraider pilots. Hope you keep the updates coming!